Virtual Media Architect 3D

Version 0.65 Beta

Written By Jeff White (aka MrBodean)
© 2014 - 2019 - Visual Inspirations Inc.
"Building a new way to Z the Web"

The web is an Amazing place to learn with tons of wonderful open source
API resources and Royalty Free Media. Below are just a few that have helped Virtual Media Architect into being.
Thanks to the following:
MrDoob - ThreeJS
The WebGL part of VMA is built on the Threejs Framework
Amazing collection of Shaders for WebGL
Amazing Physics library for ThreeJS
Greensock - TweenMax
Great Animation API for both WebGL and HTML
Brian Chirls - Seriouslyjs
Our videos use the wonderful features of this API
Some Amazing examples of how to use ThreeJS
Lee Stemkoski
More Amazing examples of ThreeJS
Out of this World examples of ThreeJS
Isaac Sukin
Wonderful Procedural Terrains
Fabulous Ocean Shader with Level of Detail used for our Ocean Water
Yane Frenski
Wonderful plugin for 3D Charts for business use.
Live Editor
Great HTML5 WYSIWYG Editor used in VMA Editor.
Great source for Royalty Free Images.
Video Blocks
Great source for HD quality Videos.
Presentation Media
Wonderful Collection of images used for Sprites.
Immersive 360° Nature & Travel Videos.
Super Collage Effetcs for Photos.
Jaume Sanchez
Wonderful Video & GIF recording tools.
Gerard Ferrandez
Amazing FX for our Special FX action.