So what is Virtual Media Architect?

VMA3D is both an Editor and a Player for what we call, "Interactive Virtual Scenes". In simplist terms, IVS files are 3D Web Pages.

We decided there had to be a simple interface that every day users could understand. We combined all the amazing open source tools we could find and put them all under one roof so to speak. With Virtual Media Architect, your well on your way to creating Amazing 3D Web Pages without writing a single line of code.

Now when we say Web Pages, this can be anything from a small banner to a full blown web page with all the bells and whistles. Our IVS Player can be embedded into any web page or blog and will scale perfectly to whatever size you choose.

If you have Youtube videos on your site, imagine using our scenes instead. It can take up the same real estate on your page, but can now hold that video plus more info and make it interactive. Visitors will stay on your site much longer when they are engaged in some way and the longer they are there, the more likely they are to buy what your selling.

Most of the web is still stuck in 2D mode, meaning only X & Y coordinates are used, but they lack the use of the Z. By creating pages using all 3, you get a much more in depth feel to your design. For the most part, 3D is only used in Games, but Why? Don't get us wrong, we LOVE games too, but feel that 3D can be used for sooo much more. Why not have a 3D Shopping Cart to sell your products, or just add Amazing graphics to keep your visitors attention.

So what features come with VMA3D?

Virtual Media Architect comes with over 40 Action commands with more being added all the time. Here are just a few...
  • Add Images
  • Add Videos
  • Add 2D & 3D Text
  • Add 3D Models
  • Add Web Pages
  • Add Water & Terrain
  • Add SkyBox
  • GLSL Shaders
  • Your OWN CSS, HTML, JS
  • Add Particles
  • Add Music
  • 360 Videos
  • Shopping Cart
  • Physics
  • Camera Control
  • 3D Business Charts
  • Post Processing FX
  • Text To Speech
  • ChromaKey Video
  • Animate Objects
  • Clone Objects
  • Add Lights
  • Add Fog
  • Alpha Videos
  • So who is VMA3D for?

    If you have a Creative Mind, then Virtual Media Architect is for YOU! Artists, Photographers, Musicians, Web Designers, Teachers, or anyone that has a vivid imagination and wants to find a way to get what's in your head, out on the web. You do not have to be a programmer to use our Editor. If you can Drag & Drop an icon, you're pretty much set.

    We supply you with a ton of Royalty Free content, but make it your own by adding your own content. Images, Videos, Music, Code can all be uploaded to your new account and mixed and matched any way you see fit. Be Bold, Be Different, Be YOU. There are no set rules on how to use our software, experimenting and looking at other examples will let you create something no one has seen before. You can also check out our Help Videos as well as our IVS Templates, where all you have to do is replace our Images, Videos & Music with your own.

    Now you Programmers out there, don't run away :) We even have a way you can use our IVS format as a starting point, then add your OWN Javascript, HTML & CSS directly to the scene. Like we said, we have compiled a wonderful list of open source APIs like the Threejs framework. Link directly into these and combine them with our own API to move your projects along at lightning speed.

    So what can I do with VMA3D?

    A few ideas for what you can make:
    • 3D Slide Show
    • 3D Music Video
    • 3D Model Display
    • 3D Virtual World
    • 3D Shopping Cart
    • 3D Games
    • 3D E-Card for Holidays
    • 3D Movie Player
    • 3D Interactive Virtual Selfies
    • 3D Logo Intro
    • 3D Surveys
    • 3D Class Room Tutorials

    If you are a Wedding Photographer, think about this. Create a 3D slideshow from your clients Wedding. Include Images & Videos from the event, then invite their family and friends to share in all the joy and wonderment over and over again. This is something they will cherish forever and give YOU a brand new package to sell.

    Teachers, are your students bored with the same old stuff? Make learning even more fun and exciting with your own IVS. Tie in you own videos and images to make it specific to your needs. I wish I had been able to take a Math test or learn about ancient times with 3D content :)

    Are you a 3D Modeler, but don't have your own website? Now you can show off your Amazing talents and send a link to potential customers to see exactly what your models look like in a 3D environment.

    In a band? Can't afford a Music Video of your latest song? Use VMA3D to create something spectacular to allow your fans to not only hear your music, but be awestruck with your Graphical talents.

    If you sell items online, now you can create a 3D Shopping cart. Any object in your scene can be turned into an Item for sale. You just enter the text and price, then when the user hovers over that object, it brings up info about this product. When they click, it gets added to their cart. Then they simply click on "Check Out" and they are directed to PayPal to send payment directly to YOU.

    Are you on Fiverr? Tons of members create Adobe After FX videos using your custom logo and text. In After FX these have to be rendered out frame by frame, then saved as a video. Interactive Virtual Scenes play in REAL TIME. Now you can create videos in Seconds not Hours.

    Anyone that wants to build a 3D scene no longer has to worry about having their own website, since we do all the hosting for you. Simply send the IVS player url to your friends or clients to show off what YOU can do in 3D!

    Sooooooo, what will YOU build?